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Cold saw blade Instructions for use
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    Cold saw blade


    Machine used: high-speed circular saw, rotating speed 60-140 r/min, BS (fast cutting), SMS (slow cutting)

    The feed speed is 0.06 m/s, higher than it is fast cutting


    Convenient material, more teeth with high density (fast cutting), and fewer teeth with low density (slow cutting)

    Cutting pipes, thin-walled teeth are more, and thick-walled teeth are few

    About 65-140 r/min for alloy steel, 75-85 r/min for stainless steel, 40 r/min for high-temperature alloy


    Advantages: The use of cermet blades and the SKS51 alloy steel plate imported from Japan greatly improves the durability, high cutting efficiency, no burrs, and low cost per blade.

    Without coating, it can cut low carbon steel No. 10, No. 20, medium carbon steel No. 45 (the most on the market), high carbon steel No. 65, etc., alloy steel, bearing steel;

    The coating can be cut into titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and stainless steel (stainless steel is easy to stick to the knife, so it is coated)

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