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Acrylic saw blade 255mm 120T

external diameter(mm) Blade thickness(mm) inside diameter(mm) Number of teeth
Φ255 2.0 25.4/30 100T/120T
Φ305 2.6 25.4/30 100T/120T
Φ305 3.0 25.4/30 100T/120T
Φ355 3.2 25.4/30 100T/120T
Φ405 3.2 25.4/30 100T/120T
Φ455 4.0 25.4/30 100T/120T
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Product Details

The bore and pin holes are laser cutted to avoid any possible crack inside the saw blade.

Unique tooth angle provides smooth cut surface without burrs.



acrylic 10inch circular tct carbide cut saw blade for adjustable acrylic laminate flooring

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